Monday, July 21, 2014

KNOW ABOUT - Bihar Govt Scheme - MP Local Area Development Programme

MPLADS was launched in December 1993 as a central sector scheme to enable Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to execute the schemes of their choice that are developmental and based on locally felt needs within the guidelines for this purpose.

The basic objective of this programme is to facilitate immediate execution of small but locally important schemes, whose execution may otherwise span over a huge period. The works which can be carried out under this scheme are - construction of buildings for schools, hostels, libraries and shelter for old/handicapped, construction of link/approach roads, culverts/bridges, public irrigation and public drainage facilities etc. as indicated in the guidelines.

The Government of India provides cent-percent fund for this scheme. Each MP has the choice to suggest work to the tune of Rs. Two crores per year to be taken up in his/her constituency.

Execution of this scheme is done through the detailed guidelines and circulars issued from time to time on matters relating to operational details by the Department of Programme Implementation, Govt. of India.

Contact Info:
Local MPs of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha may be contacted.


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