Monday, July 21, 2014

KNOW ABOUT - Bihar Govt Scheme - Basic Minimum Services

The Government of India launched this scheme in 1997 incorporating seven vital services of importance to common people. The State Government has opted to provide shelter to shelter-less below poverty line under this scheme.

The objective of providing this scheme is to supplement the constitution of dwelling units for members of SC/ST, freed bonded labour and also non-SC/ST rural poor below the poverty line by providing them with grant.

The Central Government provides additional funds for Basic Minimum Services subject to the condition that the State Government will provide 15% of the required funds.

Additional Indira Awas are being constructed with the guidelines analogous to that for the Awas Yojana. The salient features are:
Rs. 20,000/- is provided to the beneficiaries for construction of the houses in phases. Sanitary latrines and smokeless chulah are integral part of the houses.
Houses are allotted in the name of female members of the family or in joint names of both spouses.
Selection of construction technology, materials and design is left entirely to the choice of beneficiaries. Contractors, Middlemen or the Departmental Agencies have no role in the construction of houses.
Cost effective and environment friendly housing technologies/design and materials are provided.

A sum of Rs 364.07 crores and Rs 383.32 crores were allocated during 1997-98 & 1998-99, and a sum of Rs 419.04 crores is to be allocated during 1999-2000, which have led to completion of over three lakh houses upto December 1999.

Contact Info:
Village Panchayat/BDO/DRDA maybe contacted for details.


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